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VentMASTER was established in 1990 to inspect and provide ventilation solutions for a wide variety of attic problems. We began venting mainly for excess attic heat and ice dams, but as the need has grown, we have since expanded our services to include removing moisture from homes. This moisture is the main reason mold forms in attics. Hot attics cost money in engergy costs and other issues. Our services are recommended by a number of Microbiologists and mold remediation companies (a list is available upon request). We provide our customers with cutting edge attic ventilation techniques by utilizing up to date research, contact with ventilation product manufacturers, ventilation seminars and product research.

We deliver attic ventilation presentations to a wide variety of industry and consumer groups and associations throughout the New England area. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, with references available upon request.

VentMASTER does not perform mold testing or mold remediation services. However, we can recommend several excellent companies that have long records of mold testing and remediation services.

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All our work is done by skilled in-house employees - We use no sub contractors.
Don Marcoux, owner

Donald Marcoux
The Owner of VentMASTER, Don has been working in the construction industry for over thirty years. He has been inspecting problem attics and recommending venting solutions for over 20 years. In 1984 he founded and is the President of VentMASTER's sister company, Donald Marcoux, Inc., a general contractor involved in residential remodeling, new home construction, and light commercial construction with a time proven record of excellent work and top notch service. For more information on our construction services, visit Don Marcoux, Inc.

Education and Licensing:

  • Ventilation basics, Air vent Inc.
  • Lead renovation course, Lic#RRP #R-I-185606-10-01981
  • Construction supervisors course, license #040893
  • Blue print estimating course, Rhode Island School of Design
  • MA Home improvement License #126385
  • OSHA Construction Safety & Health #001116204
  • Renovation & rehabilitation seminar- Joe Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation

When Don is not at work he enjoys spending time with his family and, fishing.

Fred Martinez

VentMASTER’s attic ventilation installation expert has been working for the company for over 20 years.

He is a US citizen and is well liked and respected by customers and industry professionals alike.

Education and Licensing:

  • Lead renovation course, Lic# RRP #R-I-18506-01985
  • Construction supervisors course
  • OSHA Construction Safety & Health #001116298

When Fred is not at work he enjoys, fishing and working on his house.

Johnny Johnny
Johnny has been with the company since 2009. He is a highly skilled carpenter with over 30 years experience in the construction industry.

Education and Licensing:

  • Graduate Arlington High School
  • Mass state unrestricted builders Lic. 060210

When not working Johnny enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Vladimir Vladimir
Vladimir is VENTMASTER's newest employee and has been with the company since 2013. He is a hard worker.


  • Graduate Minute Man technical High School, Lexington, MA
  • OSHA card # 11-004967308

When not working Vlads' enjoys spending time with family & friends and working on his truck


  • Member IAQA, Indoor Air Quality Association
  • Member ASHI NE, American Society of Home Inspectors


  • Mass Builders Lic.#: 40893, restrictions: 0
  • RI Builders Lic #37509
  • Mass. Home Improvement contractors Lic.#: 126385
  • OSHA 10 hour construction safety and health certification#: 001116204
  • National lead license RRP NAT-31922-1


Battic Door Energy Conservation Products
Enviro Tech


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  • Get in Gear for Ice Dam Season, Fall Home Improvement Guide, Middlesex Community Newspapers, 1995.


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American Society of Home Inspectors Indoor Air Quality Assoc. Lead Safe Certified Firm

References Available
Mass. Builders License # 040893
RI Builders Lic #37509
Mass. Home Improvement Contractors
Registration # 126385

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